How to add a like box to your blog/website

Getting your following on social media channels is of utmost importance these days. The “virality” of these networks can help you gain instant traffic/backlinks in just few days or even hours. This post will tell you specifically about how to add a like box to your blog or a website so that you can have tonnes of likes in the near future and grow your business at an exponential rate.

Step 1: Login to Facebook. And go to your fan page( If you haven’t created one, you should create one before proceeding)

Step 2 : Locate the tab “Promote this page on your website” and click on “Add Like Box”

Step 3: After you have clicked on the Add Like Box button you see the facebook plugin page where you can get the code for your own like box.

Put the URL of your page in Facebook Page URL section. And select from the other options(You might want to keep the other option as they are) and click on get code.

Step 4: After you have clicked the “get code” button you would see the following pop up. Copy the code in the iframe box and paste it in the source code of your blog page where you want to add this like box.

After you have pasted the code in your blog page you would see your own like button. I would recommend use a text widget(right footer) and paste the code in it. In this way you would have your like box displayed in all your pages.

If you have any problems adding the like box, please ask through a comment below. I will try to figure it out for you.

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