6 most romantic places near delhi – some lesser known as well

Delhi – capital of India and a great city to live in. From old monuments that take you back in history to the giant malls from where you can buy almost anything. While its great to live and work in this city it also gets taxing with its fast paced life, slow traffic and constant socialization. More work and even more hangouts can take a toll on you, which is why it is essential that you leave the chaos behind and go on a weekend trip or a longer vacation!

While Delhi has some of the most romantic places in close proximity, I have list few of the favorite among couples and others which are not so well known but definitely filled with romance. So take a look and choose a place from the below list. Make your arrangements and surprise your girlfriend or wife by taking her to one such place.

7 most romantic places near Delhi:

1) Tilyar lake: Tilyar lake is close to 50 kms from the Delhi border and is a famous spot for couples in NCR region. It comes in Haryana and is spread in 132 acres of lush green land. Unlike other places boasting of a lake this one actually has one. The water is far from clear but makes a good spot for boating. There is also a restaurant, a bar a small toy train for kids and a Columbus rides for kids and adults alike. It is a popular weekend getaway for Delhites due to its close proximity from the city. One of the favorite activity that can be enjoyed here is fishing, although there are few months when it is closed. Couples can enjoy boating and Columbus ride. If you have kids the small toy train ads to the charm. There is also a garden where you can play games like Frisbee. A visit to Tilyar lake can be a great romantic weekend experience.

2) Lansdowne: Lansdowne comes in Uttarkhand state and is close to 300 kms from Delhi. It can be ideal for a 3 day trip. A weekend trip can also be planned to this place but you must leave Delhi very early and spend 2 comfortable days there and then come back. Lansdowne has a mystic charm which is unforgettable for people who come here. It is one of the oldest hill stations in India but even till now it is not that crowded as Nainital or Moussurie. It can be very romantic if you visit it from Nov to Feb when it is surrounded with fog and mist. There are also many activities like trekking, boating, paddling and bird watching that you can do in Lansdowne. A visit to this place with your girlfriend or wife can be a beautiful romantic experience.

3) Chail: Chail is close to 350 kms from Delhi and is one of the most beautiful hill station in Northern India. Chail is just 45kms from Simla so it makes sense to visit both these places together. Hill stations obviously add to the romantic experience and when it is a hill station like Chail you and your spouse will have one of the most awesome time together. Chail is at 2,250 metres above sea level. In fact it is even higher than the neighboring Simla. Some of the places to visit in Chail are Sidh Baba ka Mandir, Chail sanctuary, Palace hotel and Maharaja’s palace.

4) Dhanaulti: Dhanaulti is 325 kms from Delhi and come under the state of Uttarakhand. It is 2286 meters above sea level which is why the weather here is pretty awesome. Dhanaulti is just 25 kms from the popular hill stations mussoorie. The romantic thing about Dhanaulti is its weather and relatively less tourists than some of the popular hill stations near Delhi. The view of the Himalyas from Dhanaulti would take your breath away. Some of the popular places to see in Dhanaulti are Barehpani and Joranda water falls, Jain Temples, Surkanda Devi temples and Eco park.

5) Chakrata: Chakrata is close to 290 kms from Delhi and 26 kms from DerhaDun. Chakrata is famous for its beautiful landscape and pollution free atmosphere. Just like Dhanaulti, Chakrata also gets snow during winters. It is a rare feeling to sip coffee with your loved one while it is snowing outside.  Some of the famous places to visit in Chakrata are Tiger Falls, Lakhamandal which has a significant place in Mahabharata, Moigad falls and Kanasar which gives a beautiful view of the landscape. There is also a forest rest house where you can find accommodation.

6) Robber’s cave: A peculiar name for a romantic place. Isint it? But trust me Robber’s cave experience is very different than what you would have in other places near delhi. Love birds who are little adventurous would also love visiting this place. It exhibits a very rare phenomenon where a water stream goes underground and re surfaces after some distance. It is also a place which is relatively cool and a visit here would help you beat the heat. These peaceful and serene caves are surrounded by majestic hills which adds to the scenic beauty of this place.

Hope you got some idea about where to take your girlfriend or wife for a romantic experience. The 6 places listed above would definitely be a good bet, especially when you have already visited the well known places near Delhi. Always remember to do proper planning before your travel. You can add to the experience by getting a bouquet or cake along with candles delivered to your hotel. And most important it is not the place but the company which makes the time spent memorable!

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