5 Best places to visit in Alibag

Alibag is one of the major attractions of people living in Mumbai, Pune and nearby areas. Although famous for its beaches, it also has many other attractions and places that should be visited. Alibaug has a rich history of being a naval headquarters during Sivaji’s rule. Which is why it also has a lot of forts which served as the watchtowers over the ocean. If you are thinking of visiting Alibag, here is a list of 10 best places to visit in Alibag

1) Colaba fort –

Colaba fort was one of the most important forts during Sivaji’s rule. It stands 25 feet high and has two main entrances to it. One from the sea side and the other one from the Alibag side. A thing peculiar to this fort is that it has fresh water wells even though it is on the sea shore where water is salty. You have to cross through knee deep water to visit this fort but during high tides one must use a ferry.

2) Janjira fort –

Another famous place to visit in Alibag. Janjira fort is loved by history buffs. It is said that no ruler was able to capture this fort ever. Even Sivaji who tried to win this fort 13 times failed to do so. Later his son Sambhaji tried a unique way of capturing it by building a under water tunnel but failed to do so as well. Janjira fort is one of the forts in the Konkan region which are still intact even after bearing 300 years of rough weather. The fort is oval shaped and is about 40 feet high.You can still see some of the canons used to repel the armies coming through the sea. It also has a freshwater well just like Colaba fort.


3) Kihim Beach –

Kihim beach is one of the most famous beaches in Alibag and definitely a place to visit. Kihim is a bit secluded in weekdays which adds to the charm. You can laze around near the beach and have some fun with friends or family. It is not advisable to swim here since the beach is very rocky. If you are planning to spend a night here and wake up to a beautiful sunset, get all your stuff along with you since there is almost nothing for a distance of 2kms.

4) Kashid Beach –

Kashid beach is around 30 kms from Alibag and is a beautiful place to visit. Its very calm and serene and you could be sure to have a peaceful time with your friends and family. There are a few resorts/cottages available but not a lot of options. There are few shacks there but not on the main shore. What really attracts visitors to this place is its stupendous beauty. Blue sea running on white sand is a rare sight and definitely a treat to watch. You can walk on the shore watching the sunset and be lost in your thoughts.

5) Akshi Beach –

Situated at around 9 kms from Alibag is Akshi beach. Akshi is a white sand beach and is less ruffled which makes it ideal for swimming. It also hosts a stretch of suru trees and lot of birds can be seen here. You can find some decent accommodation near the beach. Just like Kihim and Kashid, Akshi is also beautiful in its blue waters and white sand. You can also visit a nearby place which is kind of a fishing village.

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Hope you enjoyed my list of 5 best places to visit in Alibag. The list is not exhaustive by any means. These are the places I liked the most but this list can vary from person to person. Do some research and head out to Alibag to have some great time!

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