Is your “about me” page really about you?

You might want to skip this article if you are not comfortable sharing your identity on your blog although I would recommend that you do that.

You see blogs have a personality and most of the times they have the same personality as yours. How are you? Honest? Funloving? Technical? Unless you make that come out on your blog, readers would have a hard time connecting with you. One thing that really helps your blog have a personality is what and how you write. Most of the readers would have an opinion about you once they read 2-3 posts written about you. You might come to them as an honest advice giver or someone who justs says “making money online is the easiest of things” for the sake of grabbing some attention. You need to decide on how you want them to percieve you and accordingly tweak your writing style.

Another very important tool that helps you connect to your readers is your about me page. People want to know who they are following and chances are they wont follow you unless they know that they are talking to a real person with real interests. Take every successful blogger and you would notice they all have an about me page where they have a picture of theirs, their name, their interests and other facts that help you know them better. Along with the about me page you might want to connect to your readers as soon as they land to your blog. To do so you might want to add a text widget on your right and add some text about you and a pic of yours. In that ways you immediately make an impact and your readers and they know that they dont have a scammer here.

A very good example of about me page is here.

One more mistake that many bloggers do is writing what people want to hear than writing what is true about them. Don’t fool your readers, they are smart enough. Always be honest to them and even if you have a weak point in your profile don’t be ashamed to mention it. We dont have superheroes as leaders in any niche, they are just like us. Its just that they have worked very hard to get there and you might too if you are ready to put in that effort.

To summarize, if you don’t have an about me page, get one today. Write something interesting about you and let people know how you look like by having a pic of yours there. Connecting with your readers is the best thing that can happen to your blog and you don’t want to miss on that.

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