jumio valuation

Jumio is a digital identity verification and authentication platform that helps organizations reduce fraud, increase revenue, and meet compliance requirements. Its proprietary technology and cutting-edge biometric capabilities enable organizations to verify identities in real-time with a single click.

Jumio’s valuation has been estimated to be around $1 billion, making it one of the most valuable digital identity verification companies in the world.

Is Jumio a unicorn?

Jumio is a biometric identity verification and authentication provider that has been growing rapidly since its launch in 2011.

The company has achieved significant success in the past few years, leading some to speculate that it is a ‘unicorn’, a term used to describe a startup company that has achieved a valuation of over $1 billion. While the exact valuation of Jumio is not known, it is clear that the company has been growing rapidly and has achieved significant success in the identity verification and authentication space.

Who owns Jumio?

Jumio is a digital identity verification company that provides services to businesses to help verify customer identities. Founded in 2010 by CEO Robert Prigge, Jumio has grown to become one of the most trusted digital identity verification companies in the world.

Jumio is headquartered in Palo Alto, California and is currently owned by Prigge and other investors. Jumio’s technology is used by many companies in the financial services, sharing economy, and e-commerce industries.

Who are Jumio competitors?

Jumio is a leading identity verification and authentication service provider, but there are several other companies that offer similar services. Some of the main competitors of Jumio include Onfido, Veriff, Trulioo, IDology, and Accurascan.

All of these companies provide identity verification, fraud prevention, and KYC solutions to businesses in various industries. Some of the features that these competitors offer include facial recognition, document verification, age verification, and background checks. With so many options available, customers can find the best solution for their needs.

What is Jumio total revenue?

Jumio is a digital identity verification company that helps businesses reduce fraud and increase revenue. Founded in 2010, Jumio has become a leader in digital identity verification, helping businesses around the world verify the identities of their customers.

The company’s total revenue is difficult to determine as it is a privately held company. However, it is estimated that Jumio’s total revenue in 2020 was around $50 million. This figure is expected to increase in the coming years as more businesses adopt digital identity verification solutions.

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