8 Best places to see in Delhi !!

India has a rich and colourful history, which makes it one of the top countries for tourists in Asia. The most popular place in India is definitely Delhi as it is home to many historical and cultural sites. It is one of the oldest cities in the world and it offers countless activities to its visitors. With its 16, 7 million citizens it is also one of the world’s largest metropolis, the eighth most populated city to be exact. Delhi is known to have a lot of history behind it. Several rulers came and conquered Delhi and during their reign left some amazing monuments for us to see. Some of these places have become the must see places in Delhi.

Although there are countless magnificent places to see in Delhi but I will introduce you to 8 of the most intriguing places to see in  Delhi.

Some of the most beautiful places to see in Delhi

1) Qutub Minar – One of the best places to see in Delhi is without a question Qutab Minar. This magnificent Construction is made of Marble and red sand stone and attracts many tourists through out the year. With a height of 72, 5 meters it is the highest Minar (Minaret) in whole India. It is unfortunate that climbing the stairs to reach the top of this Minar is not allowed. However you can still have a view of the top using a camera at nominal charges.

2) Akshardham Temple – Another place you should not miss when in Delhi is the Swaminarayan Akshardham temple, which tourists have voted to be the number 1 of the “best places to see in Delhi“. Gardens surround this magnificent temple, which has been named after Swaminarayan who was the leader and founder of a Hindu sect called Swaminarayan Faith.

3) The Red Fort – The Red Fort, which is called Lal Qila in Urdu (one of the many languages spoken in India), was build by the legendary Shah Jahan who also build the Taj Mahal! It was completed in the year 1638 and is surrounded by a 2km long fence. The Red fort should without doubt be on the To-do-List of every Tourist who is visiting Delhi.

4) Humayun’s Makbara – One of the world heritage sites that Delhi has to offer is the Humayun´s Tomb. The Tomb has a magnificent architectural style, which makes it one of the best places to see in Delhi. It was build by the Hajji Begum who was a Persian and the wife of the second Mughal Emperor. She has been buried in the Tomb that has been made of black/yellow marble and of red/ white sandstone.

5) Khan Market – If you are planning to visit Delhi, one of the places you shouldn’t miss is the Khan market, which is a landmark of Delhi. In this market, you can purchase about everything and you can also use it as a chance to buy some typical Indian souvenirs, which will remind you of your trip to India once you are back Home.

6) Lodhi GardensŸ- Another great place to see in Delhi is the Lodhi Gardens. These magnificent gardens extend over 90 acres, which equals 360,000 m2. The Lodhi gardens are located near the Khan market and are the best place for a relaxed day in Delhi. The highlight of these gardens is the Bara Gumbad (which means Big Dome) which is located right in the middle of the gardens.  The gardens contain many Tombs, one of them is the Tomb of the last ruler of the Sayyid Dynasty; Mohammed Shah, another Tomb which is located in the gardens is a Tomb that was dedicated to the same Ruler and was build by Ala uddin Alam Shah in the year 1444.

7) Chhatarpur Temple – The Chhatarpur Temple, which is, also known as Shri Adhya Katyani Shakti Peeth Mandir is a marvellous temple located in Delhi. It was the biggest temple in India until the Akshardham Temple was build in the year 2005. This temple belongs to a complex that contains about 20 temples and is over 60 acres large. The temple with is breath taking dedicated to the Goddess, Katyayani.

8) Rashtrapati Bhavan – The Presidential Palace also called Rashtrapati Bhavan is said to be the largest head state in the whole world. It is existing since 1929 and is a huge palace with 200,000 ft. It is possible for tourists to take guided tours inside the palace to see some of its 360 rooms, which are spread on four floors.  The dome that crowns the palace is called Chuttri and it is inspired by the Pantheon of Rome.

I hope you enjoyed our list of best places to see in delhi. Although Delhi is becoming a concrete jungle day by day but its history is worth going through. Every monument, architecture has a story to tell only if you are willing to listen!  Take out some free time, visit these amazing architectures, click some pictures and I am sure you and your family would have a beautiful memory of a lifetime!

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