4 Best Beaches In Singapore

Beaches are a source of personal inspiration ~ Anonymous

Beaches are one of the most wonderful creations of god. Laying down on the bed, gazing the sun, sipping your pinacolda with cool breeze gushing through your hair has to be one of the most awesome feelings you can get. They are also ideal place to head out to spend some quality time with you family. While you can relax and read your favourite novel, your kids can play in the sand. Romance is also not too far when you are on a beach with your spouse.

Walking on the beach with water splashing on your feet can be an ideal romantic moment. If you are in Singapore and planning to do some of the above activities you can hit to one of the many beaches in the Singapore island. If you are looking for some information on the beaches in Singapore, this post might be of some help as I will list down the 4 best beaches in Singapore and things you can do there!
4 best beaches in Singapore

Although beaches in Singapore is not as famous as Phuket or Malaysia, there are still plenty of options available. Most of the people complain that beaches in Singapore are artificial and there is no natural sand on the beaches. However these artificial beaches can also make a pleasant experience. Beaches in Singapore provide a host of activities to be done. You can relax, have some water sports or even plan a barbecue . Below are some of the best beaches in Singapore and a small description on what can be done on these beaches.
East Coast Park beach

East coast park beach in Singapore

East cost park beach is situated southeast of Singapore and is a man made beach. Although this beach is artificial, swimming at this beach is very much possible. There is a cycling and skating ring which circles this park. Plenty of housing options(chalets and resorts) are also available. The beach at east cost park can be an ideal place to spend some time and relax with your family. You can also plan a barbecue in one of the barbecue areas it has. If you are looking for a night life, this beach won’t be an ideal destination for you.
Tanjong Beach at Sentosa

Tanjong beach is located in the famous Sentosa island which is visited by close to 5 million people every year. Tanjong is perhaps the most beautiful beach in Singapore. It is a destination for rich and famous to host their parties. This beach is also famous for its night life and wild parties on the full moon. Not an ideal place to go with kids but if you are planning to have some fun with your friends this can be an ideal beach to head. The only bad thing about Tanjong beach is its water which gets dirty and requires high maintenance.
Siloso Beach at Sentosa

Siloso beach in Sentosa Singapore

Another famous beach in Sentosa. Siloso has golden sands and has a pretty long stretch for you to walk. The tide here isn’t too high and makes a perfect place for toddlers to swim. There is a lot of good thumping music and plenty of options for food as well. Although food won’t be as great as in downtown Singapore, it is still enjoyable. Head to siloso if you want to relax and chit chat with your friends while having your favourite drink.
Changi Beach

Changi beach park Singapore

Changi beach is in Changi Beach Park which is famous for its village kind of atmosphere. Changi beach is pretty famous among the locals and is also catching up with the tourists heading to Singapore. It is an ideal beach to enjoy sunset and sunrise. Your kids will love it as they can watch numerous aeroplanes landing and taking off from nearby changi airport. There are barbecue pits, campsites and playground along the beach. You can also enjoy watersports at this beach.

Hope you got some idea on beaches in Singapore and activities you can plan there. Singapore is a growing tourist place and millions of people visit Singapore to enjoy the beauty/culture this place has to offer. Although beaches are not as good as nearby island countries, one can have a pleasant experience visiting the beaches in Singapore. Remember to be safe while visiting the above beaches and also share your experience with us.

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