Top 8 websites to listen to hindi songs online for free

Don’t fret if you don’t have your favourite song on your hard drive. Now you can listen to your favourite hindi songs online for free! And there is a reason why these websites are picking up so much. Music is a must for most of us. We might be ok to skip a meal or two but we can’t stop that itch to listen to our favourite songs. And why not? Music is relaxing, entertaining and most importantly liberating.

Our emotions go on a ride as per the music/lyrics of the songs we are listening. Although most of us would have hundreds and thousands of songs on our hard drive but many a times we don’t have access to our favourite songs. Like while in office – we cant download the songs we want to listen. We have to listen our favorite hindi songs online. There are no dearth of websites where you can listen to hindi songs online for free. But in this article I would mention the websites which have the best quality of hindi/english songs which you can listen online for free.

Top 8 websites to listen to hindi songs online for free:

  • 1) is owned by the timesgroup and is one of the leading websites where one can listen to hindi songs online for free. It has a nice interface and is very simple to use. There is a wide collection of songs available on the site and they are very prompt in adding songs of the new movies. They already have tabs for top 20 hindi, english and tamil songs. You can just click on the first track and the remaining ones will be played automatically.
  • 2) A lesser known website to listen to hindi/tamil songs online for free but they do have a nice collection and songs are of high quality. The buffering speed is good as well. The best part is that since this site is relatively less known it might not be blocked in your office. 🙂
  • 3) – Another popular site to listen to hindi songs online for free. also has one of the largest collection of songs and they serve all popular genres and languages. The only problem is that they are a content heavy site the buffering might be a little slow. also has radio channels dedicated for each artiste so if you want to listen to mohit chauhan’s song you can plug into that channel and satisfy your thirst.
  • 4) – A site dedicated to music lovers. A very friendly interface which helps you navigate to the song of your choice with ease. They also have a bar showing the latest chartbusters on the home page. You can also see their custom playlist( ex. ‘madhuri’s birthday bash’ )on the home page. The quality is good and the buffering is good to great.
  • 6) – Musicdhaba has both albums and hindi movie songs from all kind of genres and languages. Which is great because there might be a track which is not listed in other sites but you can find it at You can select to multiple songs in an album and play them sequentially.
  • 7) – A very well known site among music lovers. They initially had only the download song option but lately they have added the functionality of listening to songs online for free. They have movies listed down in alphabetical order, you can go on that page and select the movie of which song you want to listen. There is also an option to directly search for the track by artiste name, movie/album name. The buffering speed is good and songs quality are generally good.
  • 8) – Another leading website where you can listen hindi songs online for free. All the new movies would be on their homepage. If you want to listen to a oldie you can very well search from their huge database of songs. You can also create your playlist and include all your favourite songs in it or else you can just select a song and click play. Both the quality of songs and the buffering speed is great at

Hope the list gives you some amount of idea on where to go to listen to hindi songs online for free. Please drop in a comment of you know of any other such site where you can listen to hindi songs online for free.

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