Breakup on cost of living in Pune

Breakup on cost of living in Pune

If you are coming to Pune for the first time this article might be of help as I would try to give you a breakup on living cost in Pune.

Although not a metro but Pune has surely become one of the most dynamic cities in India. In the last five years itself Pune has seen tremendous growth in not only it’s population but also in the number of companies setting up their offices here. Every year thousands of students and working junta migrate to Pune. When you are coming to a new city you are not too sure about how it is going to be? How safe is it, how is the transportation, the crowd, hangout places and most importantly what would be the cost of living there? Cost of living in Pune or in any other place would depend on the cost of housing in that place, cost of travel within the city limits(office home to fro), cost of fooding and other such factors. To have some amount of idea lets breakup the cost of living in Pune in the below categories.

Housing cost

This might take a major chunk of your monthly income. Pune has all kind of options. You can get a 2bhk from 7k to as high as 40-50k depending on the area and the society you want to stay in. The posh areas in Pune are Koregaon Park, kalyani Nagar, Baner and Magarpatta where a 2bhk starts from 12k-14k. And this is a cost of an unfurnished house. A fully furnished 2bhk might cost you 2k more in these areas. And then there are areas which might not be too posh but wont be bad either and there you can get 2bhk at 10-12k. The brokerage is from 1 month to 1.5 months.

Fooding Cost

Well it depends a lot on you. Normal vegetable prices are pretty much the same as in other big cities. You can get them either from outlets like big bazaar, total, reliance fresh or from the local grocery shop. There isnt much difference in the price between them. What might cause some hole in your pocket would be your visits to restaurants and thats why I said it depends on you. Do you want to eat at a place where a meal for two is 2000 or at a place where it is 500. There are plethora of options in between this range.

Cost of clothing

– How silly would I be if i detail this? I will give you a hint: How much is the cost of a ‘xyz’ brand shirt in one place compared to other?

Transportation costs

Buses in Pune pretty much suck so there are good chances of you not taking it. Auto drivers are a menace. They will overchare you anytime, anywhere. But an approx estimate would be 10 rs per km if you travel by auto.

House help expenses

: House help is expensive in Pune. You might need to shed 1500 for a maid who will wash utensils, do brooming and cleaning(for a 2bhk) and if you are lucky she will even wash your clothese twice a week in that amount. For a cook you would need to shed another 1500 for 2 people.

Entertainment Cost

For entertainment you might go to movies, restaurants, pubs, discs etc. Everything is pretty expensive here in Pune. Movies would cost between 200-300 at most of the malls in Pune. As per restautrants, I have already mentioned that there is a whole lot of range available. Pubs are expensive and would cost close to 2000 for 2 person. Some of the discs have free couple entry and some charge 1000 bucks per couple.

Hope this gives you a fair amount of idea on cost of living in Pune. If you have any questions do let me know through the comment form.

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