5 awesome places to visit near Bangalore

Bangalore is home to close to 8.5 million people. Most of them working in one of the many multinational companies that  have come up over the last decade. Being an IT hub every year thousands of students come here to start their career. Although known as the ideal destination of IT outsourcing, Bangalore is also a place which is close to many wonderful beauties of nature. One can find a host of beautiful places to visit near Bangalore.

These places are ideal for working Junta as most of them can be covered in a weekend. For some of the places which are not very near to Bangalore, you would need to take an extra Friday or a Monday off. But rest assured visiting these places would be a wonderful experience. Without further ado let me present to you 5 of the best places to visit near Bangalore.

5 Best Places to visit near Bangalore:

1) Nandi hills

An ideal place o visit near Bangalore for college goers. Nandi hills is perhaps the closest of all our places to visit near Bangalore. The ideal scenario is when you bike with your friends and reach the base of the hill just before the sunrise. Then you can trek to the top amidst a beautiful sunrise. The trekking is quite easy and you wouldn’t need special preparation for that. The best part is biking when it is really dark in the night. You might want to take booze with you along since you might not get it there. Although you would get other things like food and water at the base of the hill. Nandi Hills is close to 40kms east of Bangalore.

2) Bheemeshwari –

A place near Bangalore that is loved by both nature lovers and adrenaline junkies. Bheemeshwari is close to 105 kms from Bangalore and is a beautiful place to go for trekking, rafting or just to laze around. The cauvery river is worth watching here as it swells to become a giant water body especially during monsoons. You can plan for river rafting as well which is insane fun on the rapid flow of water. The place in itself is beautiful so you can have a small trek and just admire the beauty  and let go of your worries. You can ride to the place on your bike which adds charm to the overall journey.
3) Hogenakkal –

Another beautiful place near Bangalore. Hogenakkal is synonymous with waterfall and is now even more famous being shot in the movie Raavan. Ideal time to visit Hogenakkal is after monsoons since the waterfall becomes big then. You can get boat rides which will take you very close to the fall. Although the boatwalas charge a lot but one should not miss this. It is enchanting when small drops of water from the waterfall are picked up by the wind and hits you face. Although picturesque the place is untidy due to lots of tourist folks coming in and throwing away plastic bags and bottles. You can also try street food. They serve fresh fish with rice! Hogenakkal is 173 kms from Bangalore and takes close to 3-4 hours by road.

4) Shivsaudram –

Although not as famous as Hogenakkal, Sivsamudram also boasts of a few waterfalls. It is a better option if you want to go, enjoy a waterfall and come back the same day. This place is also a little unhygienic due to lot of waste products littered around. The fall is not very big but you can climb a little up on the rocks and sit right under the fall and enjoy the thumping water on your head. There are also little water bodies close to the fall. Although the water is not very clean but you can swim just a little bit. Sivsamudram is 120 kms from Bangalore.

5) Kemmenagundi –

Kemmenagundi is a place near Bangalore which is loved by trekkers. It is basically a jungle and hosts a couple of waterfall. You would need to trek about 6-7 kms down the hill to witness a majestic waterfall. The fall is definitely amazing but the trekking is the best part of visiting this place. Throughout the trek you would witness beautiful views especially at the top. The weather becomes cool and you would have some amount of mist in the air. An ideal place to visit near Bangalore to have some adventure with your friends. You can also plan a camp fire but you would need to carry all your stuff along. And beware of leeches! You would found them in plenty over here. Kemmenagundi is around 250 kms from Bangalore.

Hope the above list of places to visit near Bangalore give you a rough idea. These are just few of the places near Bangalore that are worth a visit, there are also dozens of relatively less known gems near Bangalore to be visited by travel enthusiasts. If you are looking for a pleasant stay in Bangalore and visit the above places, you can book your hotel from Hotels in Bangalore, India.
Hope you visit at least some of the above mentioned places and have a good time. Do tell us how was your experience.

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