Best Pubs and Bars in Pune

Pune’s night life is pretty much awesome and there are lot of places to hang around and have some fun with your gang of friends or colleauges. One thing that the people of this city love is visiting the different pubs and bars that Pune has to offer. I guess the outburst in the number of Pubs in Pune is due to the growth of IT industry. Software engineers who work hard through out the week like to chill out in the weekends which is why you would see most of the pubs listed below crowded with young techies and consultants. I haven’t visited all the pubs in Pune but I have visited some of them and this article is about my experience in these pubs in Pune. Some of the best pubs in Pune are below:

1) 1000 oaks – 1000 oaks is one of my favorite pubs to visit. The ambiance is nice and the music is not too loud. You can opt to sit in the pub which is air conditioned or outside in the open space if you would like to smoke or want little music to disturb your conversations. Their specialty are their cocktails and the best one is Bogart or something like that which is a mix of rum, strawberry and vodka. It was referred to me by my friend and I loved it. It is said that if you visit 1000 oaks you must try this drink. Other than that food is nice, I especially liked the biryani. An ideal place to unwind after a hard day’s of work.

2) Toons – Toons only serves beer and wine and no other drinks. The ambiance suits college goers. The music is too loud and you would find lot of college going groups hanging out here. The place is cheap so if you want to have a good time and not a big hole in your wallet this is the place to go.

3) Hard rock Cafe – The place that needs no introduction. HRC rocks anytime. Although expensive but it is one pub that should not be missed if you are in Pune. Excellent music and unmatched service is what makes this place special. Although pretty big you still might face a problem to find a place for yourself. It is insanely crowded over the weekends.

4) Not just Jazz by the way – Not just jazz by the way is another happening pub in Pune city. They also have a live band playing every Saturday. The drinks are not very expensive and the food is good as well. When the band plays it gets too loud but then sometimes we all love insane decibel of music while a little high with our favorite drink.

5) Cassanova – Cassanova is in Kalyani Nagar. Nothing spectacular about this place but it does have a cozy ambiance. There is a small dance floor which might not be adequate to fit in everyone. Although the music is not that great which will force you to come on the dance floor. That is unless you are too drunk. The last time I visited this place it was not much crowded and there were 3 girls that went berserk and danced till one of them fell on the dance floor. That was one hell of an entertainment!

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