Top Discs and clubs to enjoy night life in Pune

Pune’s night life may not be as happening as of Mumbai or Delhi but it does offer some of the hottest discs and clubs to sizzle your night life. At around 11 discs in Pune start picking up the momentum and the party continues till as late as 1-2 am. You can burn the dance floor until your feet starts hurting. After which you might want to hit Aurora towers at M.G. road to have some food and give the much deserved rest to your feet.

Some of the top discs and clubs to make your night life fun in Pune

1) Screams:

Screams club in Pune

Screams is at Le Meridian near Pune station. The ambiance is classy with lot of flash lights over the dance floor. Next to the dance floor their is an open space which is less deserted and ideal if you want to have some food or hold on a conversation. By 10-11 the dance floor gets jampacked and it would be hard to find a place to dance on it. There is an entry charge of 1000 for couples and 1000 for stags as well out of which 800 is covered. The drinks inside are pretty expensive so you might need to spend some more to get that kick. I didn’t have food there so can’t comment on that. I specially liked the DJ who played awesome mix of english and hindi songs. Had some insane fun when I visited it last time on a friend’s farewell party.

2) Firangi Pani

Firangi Pani disc in Pune

Firangi Pani is at Jewel Square next to Taj Vivanta near Koregaon Park Pune. I liked the DJ here who played lots of cool dancing tracks and remixes but none of bollywood songs which was a little disappointment. The drinks and food here is not that expensive and we had been lucky to go there when they had no entry fees. The dance floor is little small so it gets jampacked as well which is why you would see people dancing at all around the place. They also allow stags in case you have 2-3 girls in your group.

3) Stone Water Grills

Stone water grill disc in Pune

The awesomest crowd of the city hit this disc. A very very large space but still crowded. You would see all kind of people wearing all kind of dresses grooving and dancing on the top charts. The DJ is good but since this place is kinda open you might miss the thump in the music. This place should not be missed if you really wanna enjoy the night life in Pune.

4) Aqua:

Aquaa disc in Pune

Aqua is at Panschil IT park near Yerwada. This is the smallest of all discs I have seen in Pune but I guess it works well for them as it gets crowded pretty soon and you feel the party has taken its full swing! The DJ plays cool mixes of english and hindi songs although it is not as good as Screams or Firangi Pani. The ambiance is dark and it has a large aquarium besides which you can sit and enjoy your favorite drinks. Smoking is allowed inside which is so not cool.

5) Area 51

area 51 disc in Pune

Area 51 is in Baner and is one of the awesomest disc in that area. Pretty much because the area doesn’t offer a lot of other options. It is in the middle of absolutely nothing and you might think that you have lost the way while trying to find the place. The bar, the ambiance and the music are what makes this place deserving of a visit. Just don’t expect a lot of cooperation from the management and the crowd is from awesome to OK.

Well, these are the discs that I have visited in Pune and I pretty much liked all of them. Although my vote goes to stone water grills but screams and firangi pani are also worth a visit.

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