My Blog Goals for August 2011

From the day I started this blog, I was very adamant on having a monthly plan or goals for my blog. It is basically to have some quantifiable metrics through which I can assess my blog’s progress. It also helps keeping me on the track and not losing focus on this blog. Last month I documented the following goals for the month of July. I was not able to achieve all of them but still it helped me to grow this blog to some extent.


My blog goals for the month of July 2011 were :

  • 1) Writing 15 more posts – Checked
  • 2) Getting 500 twitter followers – Failed
  • 3) Getting at least 5-10 facebook fans – NA
  • 4) Commenting on at least 10 dofollow blogs after each post – Failed

So basically I just added content to my blog and nothing else. The twitter followers goal was a little lofty and I also didn’t work on twitter too much this month. I have removed facebook like option since the visitors to my blog are minimal and I thought it would be a good thing to have it on my blog when I have close to 200 visits a day. I have stopped commenting because I feel its more like spamming although I have commented on few posts which I liked.

Overall I feel I could have worked more on twitter apart from adding content to this blog. But still my no 1 goal of adding fresh content on this blog was achieved.

Now coming to my traffic stats for the month of July 2011:

Traffic from search engine : 349 visits

Traffic from external links: 91 visits

I am pretty happy with the increase in search engine traffic from previous month. Last month I had only 47 visitors through search engine so I was able to grow my organic traffic by close to 800%. Also since last few days I am regularly getting 40 visits a day, so I expect this number to grow significantly in the near future.

My blog goals for the month of August 2011:

Here are my blog goals for the month of August 2011.

  • 1) Adding 15 more posts.
  • 2) Getting 50 twitter followers.
  • 3) Getting close to 100 visits a day through search engine by the end of August.

Hope I am able to achieve all the above goals this month. I am not trying to grow this blog at the speed of light but working on it bit by bit.

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