Best hangout places in Pune

So you are new in in the city and wondering which are the best hangout places in Pune with your friends or girlfriend? No worries! Pune is a lively city with a very young and awesome crowd. Pune offers some of the coolest hangout places where you can have some fun! Be it hitting a disc or a pub or just a romantic restaurant to have some great food, Pune offers you all this and more. Read on to know about the coolest hangout places out in Pune!

Below Are Best Hangout Places in Pune

1) Koregaon Park – One of my favorite hangout place with friends. Well its not actually just one place, but a big area. A beautiful area nonetheless. You can shop, eat, drink, dance and even get a tattoo! Koregaon park gives you all these options.  I generally hit Mochas to have hukka and coffee. If me and my friends plan a get together we hit one of the many restaurants here. If you want to spend some time with someone special, you can go to Bashos or ABC farms.

2) Hard rock cafe – If you are a hard rock fan, you cannot afford to miss this place. Amazing music is what makes this the most admired pubs in Pune or worldwide. To top that the service you get is excellent, perhaps the best I have seen in any pub or restaurant in Pune. Food is neither great nor bad. At least I like it after having 2 glasses of draught beer! You might even witness their famous dance or a live show. Hard rock Cafe is one cool place to hangout with friends.

3) Firangi Paani – Firangi Paani is actually a chain of restaurants at all major cities in India. The one in Pune is near KP, next to Taj Vivanta. Good Music, and great crowd is what you get here. Last time I went there it was open till 1 AM, so you can dance till you are dead tired. The music is loud so it might be difficult to communicate but that what makes it better!

4) ABC farms – The place which hosts the famous Sheesha cafe. Along with sheesha cafe their are many other outlets as well. If you love Jazz, Sheesha is the place to go. They have some live Jazz performances on a particular day of the week. You can have your favorite food and drinks to compliment the music. An ideal place to spend a memorable evening and hangout with friends.

5) Screams – Screams is in Le Meridian is my favorite disc in Pune. The DJ is awesome and plays a cool mix of English and Hindi songs. The crowd is awesome and security is good as well. You can avail the 800 out of the 1000 entry charges, but still the drinks and food inside is a bit on the expensive side. An ideal place to throw party to your friends.

6) Bashos – One of the best place to have food in Pune. They also serve Hukka (Sheesha). Little expensive but worth a visit. What makes it a great place to hangout in Pune is the ambiance and the awesome European food. They don’t have the usual table chair, but cushions to sit on the ground. You and your friends can sit together and order some lip smacking food and may be try the pan rasna flavor of hukka. I bet, you would love it.

7) Gold Adlabs – One of the best places in Pune to watch Movies. The theater is neat, the sound system is awesome and staff is well mannered. Along with that there are some outlets like CCD, Subway, MacD to name a few and a lot of other options to have food. My personal favorite is the joint at the extreme corner which serve the best grill chicken I have had in Pune. You and your friends can watch a movie and then hangout in one of the many outlets here.

8) FC road – An ideal place for college goers. You would see a lot of young crowd here. Lot of options to eat here as well. Its a pretty long road on which you can walk and enjoy eateries at different outlets across the road. If you want to do street shopping, you have many options here. Just make sure you bargain well and get a good deal.

9) MG road – Lots of Pubs, restaurants and cafes here. You can either go to SGS mall and spend sometime there. Or you can hangout in one of the pubs here ( Toons is the one to have beer) or you can go to Barrista to have coffee with friends. Just hit the road and you would figure out the best way to spend time here.

10) Dhabas in the old Mumbai Pune highway – Food at Dhabas is a pure delight. The good thing is you don’t have to go too far from Pune to have it. Hit the old Mumbai Pune highway and you would see a lot of options on either side of the road. You and your friends can have drive to the place and enjoy the best veg/non veg food there.

There are many more places to hangout in Pune which I haven’t cover here. I might cover them in my coming posts. Till then enjoy visiting the places in the above list. Happy hanging out!

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