5 most romantic restaurants to have candle light dinner in Pune

Candle light dinners can be one of the most romantic dating experience you can have. If you want to impress your girlfriend or show her your romantic side, it could be your best bet. Table dimly lit with a candle, awesome food and a simulating conversation can create an experience which neither you nor your spouse can ever forget!

Although I am not a hopelessly romantic person but I do have visited some of the restaurants in Pune which offer candle light dinners. If you want your girlfriend go head over heels or if you are a couple and want to enjoy a quiet romantic time this article is especially for you. Get dressed for the occasion and select one of the places from below.

5 restaurants to have candle light dinner in Pune

1) Bashos – Bashos is dimly lit all though out with lamps. Try bargaining for a place which looks like a canopy as it is specially designed keeping couples in mind. It is crowded throughout the week so you might want to book the place before an hour or so. The food is delicious which adds to the charm.

2) Malaka Spice – Another romantic place to have candle light dinner in Pune. Actually they have both the options. You can either choose to sit in the hall which won’t have candle light or you can choose to sit in the garden which will be dimly lit with candles. Excellent food, great service and candle light makes this restaurant a must visit.

3) Up and Above – Up and above is in Chandni Chauk in Pune. If you are looking for a place from where you can have the view of the city then this is the place to go. The couple area is lit with candles and is pretty romantic to hang out with your spouse. The food is not that great but just for the location and the view you should not miss it.

4) Adda at hotel O – Great ambiance at this place. Another open air terrace restaurant which offer you view of the city. Your tables would be kept partly on water so you have to remove your branded shoes and fold your jeans before you sit on the chairs. The table will be lit with candles. Service is excellent but the food is OK. Also it is a bit expensive( 1000 bucks/person)

5) Sheeshas – I am pretty sure you would have visited this place. But that doesn’t mean you can’t visit it anymore. For a change, you can visit it over the weekends when they have live jazz performance. Or go on a day or time when it is less crowded as it gets noisy. Try some of their Lebanese dishes which are just awesome. Service can be frustrating which can subdue the romantic atmosphere of candle lights.

Hope you enjoyed my list of places where you can have candle light dinner in Pune. Feel free to share your experience at one of the above places or some other restaurant where you had candle light dinner.

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