Top 10 websites to go to kill some time !

Need to pass time while in office? Or are you bored of doing absolutely nothing? Whatever be your reason, this page will list you top 10 websites to go to kill time in style.

Below we have listed top 10 awesome websites to go to kill time and have some insane fun.

  • 1) Leaves in the wind – A perfect game when you are dead tired. Catch the music notes with your cursor. Red notes are bad, yellow ones are good and purple ones are power. A soothing music in the background makes it the perfect website to go to relax after a hard day of work or kill some time between a taxing assignment.
  • 2) Catch the Cat – Beware! Please play when you have absolutely nothing to do. This game is very addictive and pretty difficult as well. You might take this puzzle on your ego and won’t stop unless you have caught the cat. Super time killer!
  • 3) Pleasure Hunt – It is indeed a pleasure to play this game. A classy interface makes it a must try. You have to control a hottie and collect some brownies. Once you have completed all the stages it will lead you to the final pleasure. Any guesses what the final pleasure is? Hint : This is brought to you by Magnum. A beautiful website to kill time.
  • 4) Awkward Family Photos – See how funny family pics can be with this superb website. Browse through 1000s of awkward family photos which will definitely make you smile. An awkward website to kill some time.
  • 5) Which is Worse? -A bizarre website which lists two awful things and asks you to choose which one is the worse. An example would be Making out with your unknown long lost brother/sister vs Making out with a man which you though was a woman. Now which one you think is worse?!
  • 6) Engrish – Not meant for people who take English seriously. A funny compilation of weird English phrases gone wrong and unfortunately( or fortunately for us) turn out to mean bizarre things. Perfect website to kill time and have some laughs.
  • 7) Yeti Online Game – Another addictive game in our list. With the yeti swinging the seal at some pace, it becomes a little difficult to throw the seal upwards. My personal highest score is 405. Can you beat that?
  • 8) Slightly Warped – Read some of the best humor articles on the web. Right from parodies to crap factory, this website covers everything humor. One of the perfect websites to go to kill time and have some laughter therapy.
  • 9) Bizzare Pics – You already know about imgur. This can be of use when you have already surfed through imgur photos or for a change want to try a different website. Pretty much like imgur – crazy pics that make you laugh.
  • 10) Urban Folklore – This website lists out some of the urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation. The website is divided in many different categories and you can surf through the folklore of your area of interest. An informational website to go to kill time.

Now no more staring at the clock, you have some of the awesome websites to go to in case you want to kill some time. Go ahead and click on any of the above websites and kill time in style!!

Do you have any other personal favorite website where you go to kill time? Let us know and we will include it in the above list. Cheers!

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