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Lavasa city is the first man made or planned hill station to be constructed in India post independence. It is constructed and owned by Lavasa corporation, a subsidiary of Hindustan construction company, owned by Ajit Gulabchand. It spreads over around 8000 acres on Mose valley of western ghats. The construction of Lavasa city started in the year 2000 and the plan was to get it completed by 2020. However due to some legal issues like bribes offered to approve the project and accumulation of illegal land the construction of Lavasa city has been halted.

How to reach Lavasa city from Pune

Lavasa city is about 65 kms from Pune. You would first need to hit the Shivajinagar in Pune. From there take the road which leads to E Square mall. Continue on the same road to reach Chandni Chauk. You would then need to ask for directions and any person would be able to help you with that. From Chandni Chauk the way is pretty much simple and is around 40 kms from there. After Chandni Chauk the drive becomes awesome, as there won’t be much traffic and weather is always pleasant. And thats the time when you would love to hit the driver’s seat !

Things and activities to do at Lavasa city

Although there isn’t much to do at Lavasa city due to the halt of construction but you can definitely enjoy the ride especially the last 30kms when you are about to hit Lavasa. There are some water sports as well but they are closed in Monsoons. Other than that there is a lake and you can do boating there. A bowling alley is also in Lavasa city and you can spend some time knocking off pins! A theme park was supposed to be build by 2011 but that didn’t happen. There are even plans to build a golf course, a football academy, a hockey academy and a university in Lavasa city as well.

There are many hotels that Lavasa has to offer. The prominent one amongst them are :

  1. Fortune Select Davse
  2. The waterfront Shaw Apartment hotel
  3. Spring Hills holiday resort
  4. Mercure Lavasa

You can Compare hotel prices in Lavasa and select one that fits your needs.

Accusations on Lavasa city

lavasa , Lavasa city

  • 1) Accused of not clearing all permissions before proceeding construction. It is said Lavasa corporation only took approvals from Maharashtra government and not central Government.
  • 2) Accused of bribery for starting construction.
  • 3) Sharad Pawar may have demanded bribe in order to get the papers cleared. Relative’s of Sharad Pawar once had some percentage of stake in Lavasa corporation which they later sold.
  • 4) Land obtained may be illegal.
  • 5) Environment ministry has put allegation that the practices used in construction are causing damage to the environment.

Hope you now know a little bit about India’s first planned hill station – Lavasa city. Lavasa promises a lot of things but sadly it has suffered due to the legal angle. When things get smooth again and construction is completed, Lavasa would be a sight to watch.

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