Pictures of 20 worst accidents in history

I have compiled a list of pictures of some of the worst accidents in history. From rash car drive to adventure sports gone wrong.From footballers twisted leg to upside trucks. This list represents the worst accidents to happen in history and it would make you feel lucky for not having gone through any of this in your life.


Warning: Some of these accident pictures might be gross.

1) Perhaps the oldest accident, at least what seems from the picture. Not sure where this happened but clearly it is one of the worst mishaps to happen in train history.

2) A weightlifter is in agonizing pain after he got his leg twisted.

3) A french long jump athlete doesn’t know whats coming from him. While he is busy looking at his stuff a javelin hits his back from behind. May be the worst accident to happen to anyone. He is rushed to hospital and is discharged after few days. No internal injuries.

4) A chopper upside down. How many times are we able to see that?

5) A massive accident. More than 4 train boxes are derailed.

6) Another sports accident. The footballer’s leg is completely twisted.

7) Another twisted leg. This time it is American football.

8) A metro after getting derailed hits the platform.

9) A racing car is smashed to pieces.

10) A footballer stampedes on his mate’s leg. Ankle gets completely twisted.

11) One accident where the sportsman doesn’t gets hurt but its the crowd. Worst accident in the history – you pay to get hurt.

12) Another weight lifting accident. The weigh lifter hands gets dislocated.

13) See the description.

14) A racing car smashes two standbys.

15) A car is smashed by a train while trying to cross the tracks.

16) A truck falls from a bridge. Luckily it doesn’t hit the ground.

17) Not so lucky this time. A truck comes from nowhere and smashes a parked cab.

18) Whats with the weightlifting. Is it the most dangerous sport?

19) Another truck. Another accident.

20) A log pierces through the windshield of a Volkswagen. Not sure weather there was someone driving or it was a parked car.

That brings to the end of 20 worst accidents in history. Hope you didn’t enjoy it and got a lesson from these pics. Drive safe, Play safe.

PS: Don’t try weightlifting.

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