How to install wordpress using fantastico

This post gives you step by step details along with screenshot on how to install wordpress using Fantastico.

Fantastico is one of the most widely used software to install wordpress on your domain. It is famous for its one click installation and over a million webmasters now use fantastico to install wordpress, the best content management software.

This post is mainly targeted to webmasters who have the Cpanel provided by their hosting company. If you are still unsure about which webhost to use, I would recommend It provides Cpanel 11 which is very easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge to install major softwares including wordpress. More importanly they give  100 dollars adwords credit and 25 dollars bing credit so you can market your site. And if you use discount coupon “43blogtips” you will get an additional discount of 25% on your purchase.


Ok, now to the tutorial.

Step 1 – Login to your Cpanel with your login id and password.  ( you would have recieved a mail from your webhost with the Cpanel URL, login id and password.)

Step 2 – Once logged in you would be seeing the control panel and different icons for different tasks. If you use hostgator you will see something like this.

Now scroll down untill you see the fantastico icon. It will be placed under software/services and will look like below.

Step 3 – Click on this icon. Once clicked, you will see the Fantastico login screen like below.

Step 4 – Choose wordpress from the left hand side list and click on new installation(shown below)

Step 5 – After clicking on new installation you would see the below screen.

Install on domain: Choose your domain name from the drop down.

Install in directory: You can mention the folder name where you want your wordpress folder to be created, else you can leave it blank to create it in the root folder itself. Don’t write the full path, just mention the name of the folder and it will be created automatically. I would suggest if you are not really sure, just leave it blank.

Admin access data: Choose a username and password. You would require them to login into your wordpress administrator

Base configuration: Basic things like your admin nick name, site name etc.

After entering all the above details click on “Install WordPress”

Fantastico will then give details about the files it has configured. You also have an option to email these details to yourself/others.

To check whether the wordpress has been correctly installed you can again choose the wordpress radio button on the left and you should be able to see “current installations” showing that wordpress has been installed.

Thats it! Thats all you need to do to install wordpress on to your domain.

Once done you will be able to login into the wordpress administrator with the username and password you set in step 5 and add content, plugins and a lot of other things!

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