How to check a website popularity

f you want to know the traffic details of your own   website you should be reading about google analytics. However if you want to check the popularity of a competitor’s website(or just for fun) this post is meant for you.

There are dozens of tools that help you to check a website’s popularity. Most of these tools let you know how much visitors a website is getting, the page views, sites linking in etc.  Although the accuracy of the data reported by these tools is debatable, they still give you an idea about how popular a website is.

Below, we have listed what we consider are the best tools to check a website’s popularity.

1) Alexa

Perhaps the most heard of all analytics services. Alexa gives a lot of information about a website like the websites global rank, the local(country) rank, category rank, page views/user, who owns the website etc. The only problem with Alexa is that it tracks the visits only if the visitor has downloaded the alexa toolbar. With some websites attracting not so web savvy users(who might not have downloaded the alexa toolbar) the results might be skewed.


2) gathers data from different analytics sources and displays them all. It shows the google page rank, alexa rank, compete rank, quantcast rank, google and yahoo backlinks ,whois information and some more details about the website. A good way to check a website’s popularity but not something which will tell you how many visitors the website is getting.

3) link popularity

Link popularity tells you which websites have linked to you. The higher this number the higher is the websites popularity. Though a website may be more popular even by having less backlinks if the backlinks are from a very popular and respected domain(ex. wikipedia). To check a website popularity enter the website’s domain name and press enter. It will display all the sites linking in using google, yahoo and bing search engines.

4) Quarkbase

Quarkbase also gathers data from different sources and displays them all. It gives you all the information you need to know about a website. Starting from the tags the website uses, it displays traffic details, key people, number of bookmarks at delicious, launch date, competitor’s websites, latest blog posts, latest tweets, social popularity and more. By far the most comprehensive list displayed by any analytics tool.

5) Statbrain

Statbrain is a simple service which tells you the number of visitors per day a website is getting. To check a website’s traffic enter the domain name and press enter. You will be added to a queue and after a few minutes, it will display the number of visitors that website is getting.

6) Quantcast

Along with giving number of visitors, Quantcast also gives you the demographics of your visitors. It is especially helpful when you are selling a product. You will be able to see the demographics of the visitors which convert into sales versus those which don’t. You can also check a competitor’s website and observe what he is doing right that you are not.


7) Compete

Compete uses the largest sample of internet surfers to estimate the           traffic a website is getting, the sad part is that it only tracks visitors from US. Along with number of visitors, it also gives you the unique visitors , search analytics and compete rank.


8) Google Ad Planner

Google ad planner or double click ad planner is by far the most     accurate tool to check how popular a website is. Since majority of the websites already use google analytics, the data thrown by ad planner can be depended upon. Along with the number of visitors per month, it also gives the age of the visitors, gender, household income, education level of the visitors and more. Extremely helpful if you are planning for a targeted advertising on a website. The only drawback is that it does not show traffic details  of low traffic websites.

9) Websitetrafficspy

Websitetrafficspy gives details about the monthly visitors, page views and also the estimated daily and monthly earnings the website makes. It also gives the alexa, compete and google trends graphs of traffic the website is getting.

There are also many other which tell you how to check a website popularity. Let us know which tool you use and how accurate is it’s estimates.

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