Blog India – Know the best bloggers from India

Blog india – In this post I will cover some of the best the blogs from India and their profile.

India has seen phenomenal growth in blogging since 2007 and it has produced some very successful bloggers who have shown the country that succesful blogging is within hands of our people.

Here is the list of my top 10 bloggers from India.

  • 1) Digital Inspiration – Digital Inspiration was Started by Amit Agarwal, also known as the founder of Indian blogging revolution, in the year 2004. Amit mainly writes about gadgets, softwares and tech products and how one can use them to save time. It won the best blog award by IndianBlogies in the year 2006 and 2008. Amit’s digital inspirartion is also amongst the top 100 technology blog by technorati.
  • 2) – My personal favorite! was founded by Ashish Sinha in 2007. Its primary focus is business, technology and startups in Asia. What i love most is the fact that in just 3 short years pluggd made it to the no 2 spot in the list of top blogs in India and is also ranked under 500 by Alexa.
  • 3) – WATblog or Web Advertising Technology blog was started in 2007 by WATMedia Pvt Ltd. True to its name the blog covers about the connection between Web, Advertising, Technology and startups in that space. Ranked as the number one blog by the best blog award for the year 2009 it is surely one of the best resources to learn about all things happening on web.
  • 4) – was started by Arun Prabhudesai in the year 2007. It covers business trends in India, entrepreneurship, Start-ups, political scene in India, telecom, finance and technology. It has won many accolades since its humble beginnings. The most prominent would be ranked amongst the top ten business blogs in India by Times.
  • 5) – was started in May, 2008 to deliver all the latest automotive news. It mainly covers automotive news in India, information about upcoming cars, test drives of latest cars, bike reviews, vehicle modifications, pictures videos and more. The best feautre of this blog is the awesome pictures one gets to see while reading important updates on automotives. It has a growing popularity amongst young Indians and it has already reached around 4k fans on Facebook.
  • 6) – Another favorite of mine! Amit started this blog back in 2007 after failing in his other blogs which he started in 2005. What really makes me his regular reader is the honesty with which he blogs. He is one of those bloggers who try to bring to his readers the actual picture of successful blogging. Amit’s blog has found many readers since its inception and he has also started 3 other companies dealing with website creation, seo and hosting now.
  • 7) – shoutmeloud was started by Harsh Agarwal in the year 2007 as an outlet to share his technology passion with others. Over the years Harsh has started writing about Social media, WordPress, SEO, Technology and Make money online as well. Shoutmeloud has a growing reader base and also offers adsense revenue sharing program by writing guest posts.
  • 8) – The youngest blog in our list! Started by Jaspal Singh in Nov 2009( many old blogs are not able to achieve what savedelete has in this short span of time) has reached the top ranks in mere 1.5 years. His blog is a huge inspiration to all new bloggers who are desperate to be in the top list. Jaspal is a mechanical engineer by profession and a techie by passion. Savedelete covers all things tech, social media, web 2.0 and branding.
  • 9) – was created on 09th Sep 2009 by Srinivas Tamada. Srinivas describes himself as a thinker, blogger and an engineer who loves the web. A must read for all techies who want to dwelve into ajax, scripting facebook and twitter APIs. Srinivas himself writes code and shares it with his blog readers.

Blog India(above list) is not exhaustive by any means. There are many more talented bloggers in India that I have not covered in this article. I wish them all the best(including the above) and I hope I get to cover many more upcoming bloggers in the days to come.

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